360° Communications Strategy and Brand Management


The Strategy...

Brand Story

We help you open up about your journey, even if there's a lot to unpack, and help tell your story with so much pizzazz that your audience consumes each detail like 7 AM coffee. You’ll be the talk of Twitter and boardrooms alike.

Brand Values & Goals

We show the world what you stand for, ensuring you attract people and opportunities that align with your vision so well you’d swear it’s a divine appointment.

Brand Voice & Messaging

Through a series of identity research processes, we bring authenticity and consistency to your brand voice so that everything we produce walks, talks, and is quite literally the spitting image of YOU.

Target Audience

We grow your faithful audience into a society of Superfans. Through data-driven market research, we clearly define your ideal avatar and audience to ensure you’re constantly motivating the right tribe to respond to your messaging.

Brand Identity

With a fine-tooth comb, we work with you to personify your luxurious lifestyle brand in real life! In this all-hands-on-deck phase of brand development, your mission, vision, and voice are sprinkled with a whole lotta #melanatedmarketingmagic.

Communications Planning

Our team researches and vets appropriate media outlets and speaking engagements to position your messaging and maximize your visibility and growth.

The Management...

Public Relations

Press releases, media pitches, guest speaker hits? We've got you covered! Using our industry relationships, our team will write, release and pitch appearances on your behalf.

Public Appearance Logistics

Once your appearances are secured, we carefully craft your talking points and ensure your image is on brand, we prep you for each publicity touchpoint.

Communications Creation

Our seasoned and talented content creators and copywriters draft compelling op-eds, articles, thought papers, and more on your behalf. Always written in your voice and from your point of view, we do the heavy lifting and give you your time back to handle other essential things in your life and work.

Social Media Management

Let's face it, social media is a time vortex that is a necessary evil nowadays. The BTCS marketers can handle everything from graphics creation and caption writing to engaging with your target audience.

You can’t risk picking the wrong people to work with. You need your reputation done right and to work with a squad who is about their business, too.




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